Peter & Trudy

Bride and Groom: Peter & Trudy
When: May 22, 2014
Where: El Cid Moro Beach, La concha Terrace
Wedding Coordinator: Mary Solano

I was rather skeptical about the idea of a destination wedding at first, namely because I am a perfectionist and enjoy keeping track of every little detail, but our wedding at El Cid El Moro was absolutely beautiful! We arrived a couple days early to check on everything, during which Mary Solano met with me and confirmed all the details, which really put my mind at ease. The La Concha Terrace is an ideal venue for a wedding ceremony: we had over 70 guests, and I’m sure we could have seated over twice that amount. We also loved the decor that El Cid provided, especially the gazebo-style arch with the breezy white fabric draped over it! Most of our guests stayed at one of the El Cid resorts, which are right next to each other, so we were able to visit together prior to the wedding without any hassle at all. We had many people tell us that our wedding was the best and most beautiful one that they had ever attended!
Similarly, our stay at El Cid was absolutely wonderful, both at Castilla and El Moro. The staff was accommodating and pleasant, the restaurants have a great selection and excellent service, and the housekeeping was excellent. We highly recommend it!

Wedding Testimonials

“Our wedding at the El Cid, Riviera Maya in beautiful Puerto Morelos, Mexico – all I can say is, if you are considering having your wedding at the El Cid…do it with confidence!” – Greg and Jen